Toronto music production, mixing and engineering


Recording is as much about capturing important moments in an artist’s journey as it is about knowing the best tools and techniques to use.

My philosophy is simple: Create an environment that enables artists to focus on making memorable music.


Achieving the right mix is a blend of art and science. It requires and experienced ear, technical know-how and an understanding the artist’s intent – it’s the “magic” that makes music memorable.

A multi-faceted musician himself, Micah brings insight to a broad cross-section of musical genres including pop, hip-hop, electronic and classical. Driven to help artists find their sound, Micah is a professional mixologist.

Music Production

Micah’s approach to production is about lending an extra pair of ears to help artists improve their sound without taking the art away from the artist – the approach is truly collaborative. As Producer, Micah is a part of the creative process including pre- to post-production planning, instrumental and construction decisions.